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Polling thirdparty webservice from SAP BPM

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Hi Experts,

My requirement is to poll a thirdparty webservice from SAP BPM for every 5 mins and the entries if any(order create request) needs to be updated in ECC system as IDOC. The response of order create from ECC should be sent back to the thirdparty. We are provided with WSDL and user credentials of the thirdparty.

I have published the thirdparty WSDL in Service Registry and imported the same in BPM process.  Created event trigger using the imported service reference(WSDL). But struck here and no idea on how to proceed with polling for every 5 mins.

Appreciate your assistance as always.



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you have to use automated activity to call the web service, you can model a loop and put the timer in side. it should be very easy.....if you have basic bpm knowledge....

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Technically this is possible, but in general it is better/more efficient to implement connectivity aspects like this in the ESB layer (PI-AEX).