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PO standard workflow - BUS2012 - Unable to activate ...

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Hello all,

I am trying to activate the BUS2012 (WS20000075) standard WF on Purchase Orders. All seems to be in order but when I create the PO, the WF is not starting. When I go to "workflow overview" - I receive the message "There are no workflows that have already worked with this object".

What am I missing ?


Isaac Mazliach

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Kindly check whether you have activated Standard Workflow(WS20000075) or not?

Look at activate status which I indicated. It should be Green Color.



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Two likely causes:

1) Your customizing is set up so no release strategy is relevant for the purchase order you created. You need to check the customizing, but you can also check whether the relevant fields in the tables (can't recall field names and if it is in EKKO or EKPO) have values or are empty.

2) Your customizing is incorrect so more than one release strategy is relevant for the purchase order you created. Check you customizing.

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Of course, the first thing you should check is your customizing (transaction SWU3) to verify that the runtime environment is OK.

The next thing to do is enable the event log/trace (transaction SWELS) before you create a purchase order, and check it (transaction SWEL) after you have created the purchase order.

If the event log shows a BUS2012 ReleaseStepCreated event your customizing for release strategies should be in order, and the workflow is where you need to look for problems. For example, have you defined possible and selected agents for the steps, or selected "General task" for the task.

If the event log does not contain any entries, one of the above two causes are more likely than workflow problems.