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PO Reminder Mail when release is not yet happen

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Hi friends,

I am using custom workflow which is a copy of standard Workflow WS20000075 for PO Workflow.

My requirement is like this...

Let us suppose there are 5 releases for a PO..

when a PO is created

1.First a mail should go to the First level release person.(asking him to release the PO)

2.If he doesn't release the PO..a reminder mail should go to him after one day..(recursive. utill he release)

Now there are 3 steps in this PO

(i)Release of purchase order

(ii)Release of purchase order effected

(iii)Release of purchase order cancelled

I am able to create escalation mail using deadline monitoring...latest end "Release of purchase order" step.

But i dont know how to send reminder mails along with this.

Going forward....i created reminder mails (recursive) using "Modeled Action" again in the latest end "Release of purchase order" step.

But i dont know how to send escalation mails along with this.

I have tried using rule 20000027 for sending mail but still mail is not triggering.  Also i have tride with deadline notification but the same problem am facing.

Please help me to solve this as i am unable to find out the solution.

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (2)

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As per SAP Best practices, reminder emails for pending workitem should be handled via extended notification as mentioned by Karri. Refer to link below

Refer to SAP 1646056 for detailed explanation of extended notification.

If you want to handle this reminder email functionality outside workflow (NOTrecommended), then you have to create a report that will read the status of the approval task TS and send email every morning (create a batch job)

For escalations you can create a modelled deadline and send email using WF Email step .



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Have you considered implementing extended notifications? Might be just much easier. It sends emails of new tasks and you can even make it remind every day until the task has been completed.