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PO 7.4 / No SchemaDefinitions available for AdapterType: File

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Hi PI Experts,

I have a problem with the schema/version of the adapters.

While creating a Business Component in IB with e.g. File Adapter on PO 7.40 Java Only I am
receiving a Cache Update problem with that error log:

No SchemaDefinitions available for AdapterType: File|4f5e5ed……………………..|

What I tried already:

>CPA refresh

>Note 1968354

When I checked the adapter schema with :http://host:port/CPACache/schemaupload.jsp

I found out that the Version of my File-Adapter in the available schema is different from the Version of the Integration Builder Version.

Within the schemaupload.jsp I am able to upload other Adapter Metadata, but where I can find the correct
Adapter metadata for my adapter set?

Why this error occurs and how I can resolve this?

Thanks a lot for your support on this.



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Hi Florian,

My apologizes, i didn't read your question properly.

This note can help you to import the adapter metadata (included in the Basis SWC):

1868799 - SAP Basis ESR content versions after PI upgrade

One howto that it can help you how how to upload a SWC (not really your case but it can give you an idea)