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PM BAPIs for Equipment and Functional Locations

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I'm trying to locate BAPIs that can return data containing the structure of equipment to present in a "tree view" that would resemble something like:

Functional Location 1

--- Functional Location 1.1

--- Installed Equipment 1.1A

--- Sub-Equipment 1.1A-1

--- Installed Equipment 1.1B

Currently I can generate the hierarchy of Functional Locations with no problem. Also, I have no problem getting a list of all equipment. What I can't seem to find is a BAPI that will return the equipment installed at a given functional location nor can I find a BAPI that will retrieve parent (superior) equipment for a given equipment. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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inside R/3 you could use the function 'PM_HIERARCHY_CALL'

(or the PM_HIERARCHY_CALL_IFLO / PM_HIERARCHY_CALL_EQUI) to get these relations.

But i fear, there is no BAPI and no RFC - at least in plain R/3. Maybe in industry solutions there is a better chance.

If you need a function to call via RFC, i fear you have to write a wrapper around these functions PM_HIERARCHY_CALL*

Regards Wolfgang

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Thanks Wolfgang! I was afraid of that

I'll take a look at the PM_HIERARCHY_CALL function and see if I can write a wrapper for it for use via RFC.

Thanks again,


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