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Pls help! Questions on iView manual...

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Hi, this question is regarding manual named: <b>'Introduction to Custom Java iViews With the SAP Portal Development Kit'</b>

I have EP 6.0, PDK imported into EP 6.0, Eclipse 2.1 with SAP plugin v1.2. I have gone through this manual(address pasted below) and had no problems until I hit page 52. Here are my 3 questions:

<b>1.)</b> Regarding Pg. 52, step #2, I downloaded the file from my EP 6.0 (Java Development>Development>Downloads page) But there is no file called Where can I get this file?

<b>2.)</b> Is this causing the error that Eclipse cannot recognize these two imports inside file ''. This file automatically opend up with errors on Eclipse after I clicked 'Finish' on page 50. *I got templateJSPDynPage.par from Java Development>Documentation>Getting Started>Tutorials/JSP DynPage(on Getting Started Panel)> Inside article near page top is a link called 'download template'.

Errors with these two packages:



<b>3.</b> Regarding the HTMLB library page on EP 6.0 (Java Development --> Examples --> HTMLB Control Overview) Is this the entire HTMLB library listed here with links & examples? or is there other libraries?

<b>PDF Manual address:</b> to custom java iviews with the sap portal development kit.pdf

Thank you so very much for any responses or suggestions!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Baggett,

If you deployed PDK and assigned the Java Developer role in the EP then youcan download the jar file from the location Java Development -> Tools ->PDK Downloads

Download the Jar Files nad upzip it.

In the unzip folder there will be a portalapps folder. In your Eclipse select portal Application Project and right click it and go to properties and select Libraries and then Add Extenal JARS and select these jar file into the project classpath.

Then your project will able to import the required packages to compile the class.

you can also get these jar files if you installed NDS(NetWeaver Developer Studio) the path will be <install directory>:\Program files

and <install directory>:\Program files



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Hi Hari, thanks for your response, the jar files are there! I'm wondering why the Eclipse SAP Plugin v1.2 didn't provide me with these jar files?

I was wondering where can I look at debug messages?, like if I do a System.out.println("Test Debug message");, where can I see this message, on the NetWeaver Web Application Server, or on the EP6.0? Can you please provide instructions?

Thank you,


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