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Pls help! Lomboz JSP Plugin...

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Hi, I have SAP NetWeaver Develper Studio(~Eclipse 2.1) and am trying to install LomBoz plugin for JSP's (Do I really need it?). There is a section where I have to define server Definitions because Tomcat 5.0 is not listed in the Lomboz plugin folder.

(link: and I would like some help on them:

<b>1.)</b> Application Server Directory: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0

Am I right?

<b>2.)</b> Address: I put in my computer's IP address like: 123.28.333.28 Am I right?

<b>3.)</b> Port: 8080 I think I am correct?

<b>4.)</b> Classpath Variable Name: ? I never created any classpath for Tomcat, what is it?

<b>5.)</b> Classpath Variable: This is suppose to be something like: /your_server_root/JBoss-2.8_Jetty. So what is mine?

Thanks so much,


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Why are you using Lomboz ? If You are just using the JSP editor, you do not have to edit any of these parameters.

If you would like to use Lomboz to create WebApplications on other J2EE environments You should not use the SAP Development Enviroment as this is based on Eclipse 2.0 (too old for Lomboz). Go for Eclipse 3.0.

Best Regards