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Pls help! How to put JSP import statement...

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Hi, I just created a simple iView JSP that imports htmlb classes and now I'd like to import my own java classes onto it. For example, in my other projects, my JSP's have <%@ page import="project28.practice.contextClass" %> on top of the page. I currently have a file called practice.jar

If I want to put this import statement into my simple iView JSP and use it, what would I have to do/configure?, do I have to transform it into a .par file? Or can I transport the jar file to the portal? Any changes on NetWeaver?

I am new to this so any detailed help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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See /thread/42867 [original link is broken]

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Hi Detlev, thank you for your response! I'd like to include more details of my situation right now: I have 2 projects on NetWeaver:

Project#1: Java Web application Project. (jar files, WEB-INF, WEB-INF/web.xml, JSP's...)

Project#2: Portal Application Project. (JSPDynPage, sap plugins, PORTAL-INF/portalapp.xml, JSP)

I'd want my JSP file in Project#2 to call some classes from the jar files of Project#1.

From my understanding, to do this I need to make a .par file out of Project #1 and then upload the par file to my SAP EP6.0 so that my future JSP's can import classes from it. Am I correct?

I am confused right now as to how to really do this. On Netweaver, I am getting a Error when I try to do: File --> New --> Project --> Portal Application --> Create a Portal Application Project > I then enterProject Name: TestProject28, Project root folder: c:\TestProject\webapps\project1

--> "ERROR: Invalid project description, Reason:An error has occured while trying to create the project structure"

If possible can you please provide detailed instructions on how to configure or build a par file out of my java web application stated above?

Thank you so much for your time and help!


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