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Pls Help! Eclipse plugin question...

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Hi, I am trying to install the Eclipse Plug-in for the PDK v1.2.0 onto Eclipse (version 3.0.2) but however, it doesn't seem to work. On eclipse when I go from Windows>Preferences> I don't see any 'Portal Development Kit'. Also, I seem to get the error that this plugin does not support java 1.4. Is there a updated plugin? or is there a way around this?

Thank you so much!


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Unfortunately I don't have an installed PDK version to check this against, but in my experience with Eclipse, I recall that you sometimes need to Customize the perspective :

Window > Customize Perspective

Also including a 1.3 version of the JDK (which you can happily run in parallel) can overcome the other problem:

Window> Preferences > Installaed JRE's

The NetWeaver Developer studio comes with all of this as standard so it's easier, but it takes a long time to install and is slower than Eclipse.

Good Luck!