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Pls help! Creating a new simple jsp iView...

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Hi, I would like to create a totally new iView JSP project from scratch. I currently have NetWeaver and EP 6.0. This is what I have done so far on NetWeaver: <b>File > New > Project > Select Portal Application > click 'Next' > Type in Project name and root folder > click 'FINISH'</b>. Now, I think I have a project ready? I have some basic iView JSP code already. so now can someone provide me with detailed steps on what modifications and steps I need to make on my new project in order for my iView jsp to display on the EP 6.0? Any files like 'portalapp.xml' that I have to modify?

Thank you so much for your help,


What I know so far: I have looked at an example where I created one using an existing par. I know how to export .par file to EP 6.0, it's the steps before that I don't know. Thanks again.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, I think I found a little solution to my problem but now I have a new issue. I think I "solved" my problem by doing: <b>File > New > Project > Select Portal Application > click 'Next' > Type in Project name and root folder > click 'FINISH'. Now, I do:

File > New > Other > Portal Application > Create a new Portal Application Object > Select my Project > Portal Component/JSPDynPage (is this the 'easy' one to pick b/c it seems to update the portalapp.xml file, creates a jsp file (myFirstJSP.jsp) and bean for me) > I type in all the textfields for file name, package name, ... > click 'FINISH'. </b>

Is this a correct/good way of starting a JSP project(I don't really know what a JSPDynPage is)

Now I have a new issue. I open up myFirstJSP.jsp and NetWeaver highlights all the code (pasted below) in yellow and there is no error displayed:

<b><hbj:content id="myContext" >

<hbj:page title="PageTitle">

<hbj:form id="myFormId" >




So I try to paste this line into myFirstJSP.jsp: <b><%@ taglib uri="tagLib" prefix="hbj" %></b>and also paste this line onto portalapp.xml:


<property name="tagLib" value="/SERVICE/htmlb/taglib/htmlb.tld"/>

</component-profile> </b>

Now, I get an error saying: <b>"JSP Parsing Error:File "/dist/PORTAL_INF/pagelet/tagLib" not found"</b>

Why is this? How can I fix it?

Thanks so much,


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Hello Baggett-

Queries related to development of portal content are better suited for the forum 'EP Content Development'.

The 'Pilot' and 'eLearning' sections of SDN have some good information about portal content development models, methodologies and mechanisms. Please refer to that to understand the various aspects and concepts of developing content for SAP Enterprise Portals.

I presume you are using Netweaver Developer Studio for development of IViews and not plugins you installed manually into Eclipse.

Netweaver Developer studio has a decent help section on programming portal content. To get to it, click on the menu option 'Help' and select 'SAP Web AS Documentation' > 'SAP Web AS Technologies'. In the help that opens up click on 'SAP EP Plugins Guide'. In that help guide you will find the various practices and steps for developing IViews.

Lastly, your current problem seems to be related to the missing '.tld' file that contains the definitions of the HTMLB tags. The file might not necessarily be missing but be pointed to incorrectly in your project references. If you follow the steps for developing a JSP Dynpage project (from the help instructions above) then you should have a lot of the configuration for the application done automatically (by the plugins). This minimizes the manual configuration you need to do that might open you up to some build/runtime problems.

Hope this helps,

- Vik.

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Thank you Vik! I will take your advice and follow the links you have provided.

I was wondering if you can just take a quick look at my brief code and see if you see anyhing wrong:

I am getting Error:File "/dist/PORTAL_INF/pagelet/tagLib" not found"</b> error.

            • portalapp.xml*****************

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



<property name="PrivateSharingReference" value=""/>

<property name="SharingReference" value="htmlb"/>



<component name="MyFirstJSPDynPage">


<property name="ClassName" value="com.example.jspDyn.MyFirstJSPDynPage"/>

<property name="ComponentType" value="jspnative"/>

<property name="JSP" value="pagelet/MyFirstJSPDynPage_JSPFile.jsp"/>







                    • My JSP file ************

<%@ taglib uri="tagLib" prefix="hbj" %>

<hbj:content id="myContext" >

<hbj:page title="PageTitle">

<hbj:form id="myFormId" >




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Hi Vik, thanks again for your great responses and info. I reinstalled NetWeaver and for some reason(onto c: drive instead of Program Files, don't know if it matters), everything seems to work better now.

Thanks so much again,


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