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Plant Maintenance Data Load issue

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Dear Experts,

I am assigned to project to support Plant Maintenance Module, the client have the PM Standard Objects active in Production, but it seems who ever activated it didn’t load any data. Now the user is requesting to load this data and initiate the Delta.


My issue is when I attempt to full load or Initial Load any of the PM data loads it gives me 0 records, Data Sources like (2LIS_17_I0NOTIF, 2LIS_17_I3HDR, 0PM_OM_OPA_1, 0PM_OM_OPA_2, 2LIS_17_I3OPER, 0PM_OM_OPA_1, 0PM_OM_OPA_2, 2LIS_17_I3HDR, 2LIS_17_I3OPER, 0PM_MEASUREMENT)

Can you please help?



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Please ask which datasource to be used from your functional team. You need to activate that particular DS in LBWE for application 17.

LBWE t-code:

Goto Application component: 17 and select the datasource

Click on Maintenance of structure

Click on Datasource generation

set the update mode as Queued delta

Goto RSA6, see your DS has been activated...

LO extraction steps:

Run LBWG to delete setup tables if any for application 17

Run OLI1BW to fillup setup tables

Run full load to BW

Run init w/o transfer infopackage

schedule job in LBWE from job control as hourly.

You will get delta regularly



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Hi Mohmd,

At Source system side, check your getting records are not if you did basic steps for LO  data source.

check at RSA3. if you won't get data, you may need to perform below steps.

2LIS_17_I0NOTIF, 2LIS_17_I3HDR and 2LIS_17_I3OPER these 3 are LO Data sources.

LO Data sources extraction steps:

Perform At Source system side:

1. Delete setup tables by using Tx - code LBWG
2. Refill setup tables using Tx - OLIIBW(for 2LIS_17_I0NOTIF), while filling give the name of the run and future date.
3. You can check the filled setup tables record at Tx - NPRT and At Tx - RSA3 and SE11, table name - MC17I00NTFSETUP(DS - 2LIS_17_I0NOTIF)
4. Go to Tx - RSA3, give the data source and hit execute or extraction. once you see records count
6. at Tx - LBWE set V3 job control setup

Perform steps at BW Side:

5. Trigger full load info pack and once you got into psa, load data further thru DTP.
7. Run info pack with init w/o data transfer, this step enables delta pointer at Ecc Side RSA7 for your data source

After some time you can run delta info pack at bw side.

If you done above steps even though your getting zero then it might be authorization may need these roles to do extractions - SAP_NEW,SAP_ALL,S_BI-WX_RFC,S_BI-WHM_RFC

For the authorisation issue check with basis team


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Hi ,

if you are getting 0 records in RSA3 of this Data Sources 2LIS_17_I0NOTIF, 2LIS_17_I3HDR.

Fill the setup tables once again using Transaction : OLIIBW

and check the data in Extract checker RSA3 whether data is coming or not  .

I hope it will come .


Uma Shankar