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planning sequence error

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Dear Friends,

A generate combinations planning sequence hit an error which I could not understand.

Here are the error & messages in the modeler:

Errors while executing sequence : XYZ

Context information for the other messages

Selection for characteristic ABC : <value>

Selection for characteristic DEF : <value>

Selection for characteristic GHI : <value>

Cannot generate combinations for multiprovider YYY

Cannot generate combinations in step '04'.

Please advise the following:

1. What are the "Selection for characteristic" statements referring to? Can I say the Filter values derived at runtime, for example if the characteristic is filtered using an exit variable?

2. Where can I find out what is step '04' referring to and tell me what is wrong?

I have no such problem in development and quality. only in production.

I vow to award points for any tips suggested.

thanks in advance


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the message "Cannot generate combinations in step '04'." means that you are missing characteristics combination in your characteristic relationship number 4.

Goto planning modeler tab "InfoProvider" and choose your planning cube. After that goto "characteristic relationships" tab to localize your relevant object.

In your productiv system you are missing entries in this relationship object. Take a look to the data in your quality system and generate the same data for your characteristic relationship object in productiv system. Then it should work.



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Dear Andreas,

Thanks for the useful reply. Points awarded.

Kindly advise, by 'relationship object', are you referring to the source or the target object ?

In my case, for the step in question, there are 2 source objects and 4 target objects.

I am not sure how to determine what value is missing from which object (source or target).

I assume it should be the source object value, based on which the target value is derived.

Thanks in a advance.



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Hi Friends,

any more advice would be greatly appreciated.