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Plan for the next year

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Hi Gurus,

i have following fileds in the cube, Product group, fiscal year (2007 actual vaues) , branch, quarters, value type(10=actual, 20 = planned).

i am trying for a copy function to copy the actual values of 2007 to 2008. my settings are fileds to be changed are fiscal year from 2007 to 2008, value type 10 to 20. but i am not able to get this ...when i copy it is copied as year 2007 only with value type 20. it should be 2008 and valu type 20....

in my layout i am using the comparison colomn for actuals 2007 and input enable for 2008. iam using var for 2007 and with an offset +1 for 2008

so please suggest me what kind of settings do i need to make.?.apart from existing?


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Hi Praveen,

The problem seems that u dont see any data in your layout for 2008...

I think you have restricted your level with the variable for 2007. Remove the restriction completely for fiscal year and now try.

Update us if its working...



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Hi Aby,

My complete situation is like this.

At planning level i have these characteristics

Branch = 1 to 5

Cal year = no restrictions

product group = 1 to 5

quarter = variable(replacement type = fixed value)

value type = no restrictions

keyfigure = Qty

in planning function fileds to be changed = cal year & value type

copy function(parameter group) conditions are

from calyear = 2007 to 2008

value type = 10 to 20

in my manual planning layout settings are :

Branch = header

cal year = header

product group = lead colomn

quarter= data colomn

value type = data colomn

lay out category : key figs in data colomn

in configuration of data colomns i am using for quarters the variables with offsets

My requirement is when execute the manual planning i should get the planned values to 2008 and value type 20.

but unfortuantely i am getting values to 2007 and value type 20.

i think you are understood my requirement?.

please suggest me



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Hello Praveen,

The level restrictions limit the data that comes in your buffer. Considering your level restrictions...lets break them down:

You will have in your level all the data for branches 1-5 AND for all product groups 1-5 AND all the records restricted for the specific quarter ( seems you have set a single value for the quarter as you are using offsets on it in the layout design )

The data set will contain all such records with above restrictions and for all or no value of calyear or value type.

Going further,

Your copy function, I assume, must be now designed to copy all the records from 2007 to 2008 ( which is set via offset ) and from the value type 10 to 20. You may include the keyfigure qty in conditions . ( besides, I assume you are using a simple planning area and data for 2007 and 2008 are stored in the same t-cube ).

Now I hope the execute with trace will show n records read and generated for 2008.

Coming to your layout,

First of all, having branch and calyear in header imply that a single value is set for both, I assume branch is user selection, and your calyear is the variable set with 2007 which itself, in effect restricts the data coming in the layout for records for calyear (problem could also be here...what have you set as variable for check it...hope its variable with offset 1).

Moreover, the quarters you have set with offsets in your data column design, will not bring further records for any other quarters except for those limited by your level.

There are a few changes, which I hope you understood where, have to do for viewing the result in your layout after the copy execution.

As such your copy fn will work but data may not appear in your layout because of the restrictions you have provided.

If I have misunderstood anything, at any point by assuming wrongly, please clarify and proceed accordingly.



Edited by: Aby on Jan 5, 2008 1:30 PM

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Hi Aby,

Thanks a lot for u r reply. As u said, i have removed the quarters restrictions from level. i am able to see the data after trace and see with values on 2008 and valu type 20.

Yes, you are correct. Only branch is the user entry. User is planning based on the Branch only. So please tell me what settings i need to make for calyear?. my requirement is just

want to see in the lay out

Q2 Actuals 2007(Comaprison colomn)| Q2(Planned 2008).....

Q3(2007,Comparison)| Q3(Planned 2008)........

and after planning when i save , the data should save on 2008...right now as per my current settings it is saving on 2007 again with value type 20....

Please suggest me....

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Praveen,

For the data to be saved corresponding to 2008 and vtype 20, the calyear variable restricted for your layout must be for the 2008 and not 2007.

But, that will only solve an irrelevant problem...'coz there is some change you will have to do to get data in your layout for both 2007 and 2008 and also save for 2008 and 20..

Check what char. have you used for quarters...?

Since you have designed your layout with header restriction with calyear...which must go...

Please update further and check from your side...analyze further and you would b able to solve it now...