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PI systems in ECC

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Hi Experts

I have a requirement where I need to configure the two PI systems from two different Landscapes. Is there a way to configure the two different PI systems from different landscape. When I connect the two PI Systems, and should be able to see the conent or service interfaces in SPROXY

Please send if there is a blog available or suggest how to configure the two PI systems in ECC

Thanks for your inputs



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Answers (4)

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I think you can try creating 2 different RFC connection in ECC system for PI instances.

RFC Destination: SAP_PROXY_ESR_(1/2)

Connection Type: G (HTTP Connection to External Serv)

Description1: ESR for Proxy Generation

Target Host: esr_host

Service No: 1080

Path Prefix: /rep

I suppose it will show only one at a time there.



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Check if the blog [Connect SAP Application System to multiple SAP PI Integration Server - Variant nu00B01|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];, meets your requirements.



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As long as you change the rfc_destination of the ECC system you can link them at design time alternatively, never in the same time. At run-time that shouldn't be a problem as long as the connection to the PI systems is done via different proxies. (You can make a copy of the proxy in case you really need to use the same proxy for both systems).

Another idea would be to connect to a single PI system and then do content based routing to the end system or to the other PI system based on some details in the message.

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To configurate an ECC with two PI, that's not an issue when you exchange Idoc, because in ALE configuration you determine which Partner (logical system) you want to use to send/receive an idoc. So easy to do.

but with proxy, if I'm not wrong, as in SXMB_ADM of ECC, under "Integration Engione Configuration", you can precise only one parameter "RUNTIME > IS_URL = dest://INTEGRATIONSERVER (for instance)" with INTEGRATIONSERVER which coresponds to the RFC destination (e.g INTEGRATIONSERVER) to be used to reach the Integration Server you want to use (e.g PI)... and as you can see, there is only one entry!

So I don't think it's possible to have one ECC linked to Two PI for abap proxy exchanges.