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PI/PO To CPI Migration

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Hello Everyone,

We are planning for PI/PO to CPI migration. We also have our S/4 Rise migration planned. So I would like to know if we should plan the PI/PO to CPI migration after the S/4 Rise migration or if we can start the PI/PO to CPI migration before that. What could be the pros and cons of doing the PI/PO to CPI migration before the S/4 Rise migration?


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Thanks and Regards
Sachin Kumar Singh

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


without knowing the full context. We usually check what interfaces are replaced with S/4. Especially as CI offers standard content to integrate S/4. Furthermore, with S/4 you might replace interfaces using the new APIs available. 

The answer would be, plan what interface you might change / modernise. You would be already using the new features of CI upfront, gain some experience and skills. 

Cons could be that you might migrate obsolete interfaces. 

Kind regards