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PI Idoc - lock table overflow

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I am very new to PI therefore I apologise in advance if my question is not worded great.

We have an inbound PI scenario which is essentially an asychronous Idoc. We have had an error where the idoc errored in PI, with a 'lock table overflow' entry, and this resulted in the idoc not reaching our Production system. The PI sender system did not receive a message from our PI receiving system so the Sender had no way of knowing that this Idoc errored.

Is there any way to configure our PI scenario so that if there is an error then some message gets sent back to the sender system to let them know there was an error?

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Glen,

you can configure Acknowledgements for this kind of message, but a missing acknowledgement could mean anything from an error to a long delay. You will end up looking for the message in PI and/or in the backend system, anyway. So you may want to do this right from the start and have a look at the respective monitors in PI. Asynchronous messages must be monitored in each system and each step separately, since it is not foreseen to report back any error to the sender.

Of course, you can automate this monitoring a little and configure suitable alerts to be sent to some mailbox or a mobile phone.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Glen,

Go to SM 58 and select the error msg.. and click on Execute LUW. like this do it for all the error messages that were there in the queue.

ur issue will get resolved..


Bhargava krishna