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PI 7.0 - SMICM - Host Name - Conflict with other places

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Hi Friends,

We have host name conflict in SMICM and in other places.

For example, in SMICM it shows the host name 'A' for HTTP protocol and it is green, where as in other places like in RZ10 (Profiles in ABAP), Exchange Profiles (Connection Parameters, Host name), in SLD and in Visual Admin the host name is mentioned as 'B'.

At present, the messages are failing in SXMB_MONI with the error "CLIENT_RECEIVE_FAILED 402 ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT ".

When we checked the paramter "icm/host_name_full" in RZ11,it shows the empty value.

This problem comes in our quality PI system, ABAP stack.

Could you kindly clarify in SMICM for the HTTP service from where the host name is taken and displays here?

Kind regards,

Jegathees P.

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Answers (2)

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SAP Note 773830 - FQHN determination in ICM - Helped us to check the host name in various places.

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Connect to the operating system. Check this file (replace xxx with your SID and, if applicable, 00 with the correct instance):


Find this line:

icm/host_name_full =

Is this maybe empty / incorrect / incomplete?

After changing this the server needs to be restarted.

Sometimes we had strange behaviors after host name changes, which went away after going to sicf -> execute -> right-click on default host -> deactivate -> right-click again -> activate -> in the pop-up click the second activate button, which is for activating the system and all dependent entries.