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PI 7.0 Memory Utilization Problem

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We are running PI 7.0 on HP-UX 11.3 Itanium and Oracle 10g. We observe the server memory utilization keep rising on the server on a daily basis.

Is there a potential memory leak in either the application, OS or database that is leading to this problem?

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Hi Simon,

PI 7.0 generally seems to be fine. My question is there any other application on this server? You listed PI 7.0/DB are there any monitoring tools, http tools, java add-ins. Has there been any new implementations of intefaces recently?

What does the process list look like on the server?

Have you run the System activity report daily (sar command), what are the stats and when or what is going on?

Have you logged onto the ABAP stack and see what is running via SM66?

Is this a brand new installation, if so have you followed the memory management best practices (Server/Dispatcher standards)? What's the size of the server/memory, is your SGA (on DB large enough or too large) set occrectly?

Hope this helps you look around a little more, let us all know so we can help you!