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phtmlb popupMenu

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I'm having trouble with this popupMenu again. I want the popupmenu to be opened initially, using the element attribute firstLevelVisible. Well, that doesn't exactly work for me. It seems to become part of the popupTrigger, making another copy of itself slide out, so I'm sitting there with two popup menus, exactly the same. It does this for me in sbspext_phtmlb as well.

Setting this attribute throws off my layout too.

Could someone test this out in sbspext_phtmlb too? Just set the firstLevelVisible attribute to TRUE.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Which system and SP level are you working with?

On my 6.20, SP54 it works just as expected, if I set it to true, it is visible after page load. Also no second menu appears (unless I select the sub-menu from menu item 7).

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I still waiting on this note to be applied, I'll let you know my results. Thanks

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Thanks for that.

We're running 620 48. I definitely have a problem with this thing. I'll look through notes.

<phtmlb:popupTrigger id="managedEmployeesTrigger"


<htmlb:image src="s_usegro.gif" tooltip="Select employee (Team Leader)"/>

<phtmlb:popupMenu id="managedEmployees"



firstLevelVisible="TRUE" <-----




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Hi Matt

check note 816522.

It may helpfule for you