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i use this element and i have problem. I´m using a table to display the chart and not the elements like <phtmlb:ganttChartHierarchy> etc.

But only if i use these elements, the method IF_BSP_ELEMENT~DO_AT_START will be called and for example the toogle mechanism of a hierarchy will be (in a javascript function) installed. If i use the table for the chart, nothing happend.

Anyone the same problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Daniel,

I had exactly the same problem some weeks ago. At first I wanted to create the ganttchart using a table but my progress was really slow. Then I found the code from Daniel Humberg and decided to create it without the table. Of course, it would be better to use the table but I was working on a prototype.

From your error message it seems that the table is not filled correctly (check your rangestartdate, rangeenddate). Unfortunately the extension does not give you an error message for every mistake you can make. So my advise would be get yourself a hot coffee and start debugging the extension. Perhaps in the future the SAP will provide us with an example how to fill the table correctly.



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Hi Thomas,

i can`t use static elements. And i think my table is filled correctly. Now i am trying to work with a own bsp extension, copied from CL_HTMLB_GANTTCHART and playing around with the code from the interface IF_BSP_ELEMENT..

Hope that works until the SAP will help with a patch. (OSS Note is generated)

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My Workaround :

Own BSP extension gantt inherits CL_PHTMLB_GANTTCHART . Method IF_BSP_ELEMENT~DO_AT_BEGINNING redefine:

DATA s TYPE string.

FIELD-SYMBOLS: <hierarchy> LIKE LINE OF tables-hierarchies.

LOOP AT tables-hierarchies ASSIGNING <hierarchy>.

s = <hierarchy>-row.

<hierarchy>-onclick = cl_htmlb_manager=>render_event_call( bsp_element = me

event_type = co_event_toggle

server_event = 'nodeClick'

event_defined = s

return_value = '' ).

CONCATENATE `window.` <hierarchy>-onclick INTO <hierarchy>-onclick.


rc = super->do_at_beginning( ).

Works fine, hope that helps until patch.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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SORRY : IF_BSP_ELEMENT~DO_SET_DATA is right! do_at_start is wrong!