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Personas 3.0 Questions

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Hi ,

We are thinking of implementing personas 3.0 in one of our projects and would need some information on the following topics :

1. Maintainability of personas

2. Compatibility with NWBC

3. Possibility of hiding / disabling fields based on authorizations

4. Experiences with viewport editor


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Kanupriya,

1. SAP Screen Personas flavors are easy to maintain. The skills to build them are those of a typical business analyst. You do not need a software developer, although for some complex scenarios, it could be helpful. I also recommend you include a designer on your team. Once the flavor is running in production, we recommend you make your edits in your development system and transport through QA and into your Prod system.

2. SAP Screen Personas flavors can run in a browser, in NWBC, or through the SAP Fiori launchpad.

3. You can create different flavors based on different roles, which presumably have different authorizations. We discourage using SAP Screen Personas as a security mechanism to hide fields from different people or roles, as someone might be able to revert to the original transaction to see the data you want to hide from them. You cannot hide fields in a flavor that dynamically checks for authorization.

4. The viewport editor is a way to show a portion of the screen. Customers usually use this for mobile scenarios, although the original specification was from a company with a huge custom transaction that wanted to speed performance by rendering a portion of the screen at one time.

I encourage you to join the SAP Screen Personas practitioner forum to see how other customers are using the product and ask your questions in the community. Please email me and I can send you an invitation.


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Thank you Peter for quick response.

I just have one doubt regarding point no. 2.

We have created some flavours in our development system . It is on SAP Personas 3.0 Initial shipment stack. These flavours are running fine on SAP GUI for HTML in the browser. However , we don't get them in NWBC. The personas icon "P" is also not coming. Please let me know if you have any idea about the problem. Is there any pre-requiste for personas/NWBC version ?



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

"SAP Personas 3.0 Initial shipment stack"

Hopefully this doesn't mean the original Personas 3.0 package from 2014, with no service pack installed... if it does, then the first thing you need to do is installing all released SPs up to SP10 and implement all necessary notes, then see how it works.
As for NWBC, which version? Are you running SAP GUI for Windows in NWBC? For Personas flavors in SAP GUI, you should use the Blue Crystal theme for full support. Using some older theme like Corbu will disable Personas.