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Personas 2.0 SP4 URL parameter 'enableFlavorslimState'

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Hi folks,

In SP4, there is a new URL parameter ‘enableFlavorslimState’ for improving performance.

Personas 2.0 Performance Guide excerpt :

".... can be used to shorten the XML tag names in HTTP responses from backend. This helps reduce the response size for GetFlavorDetails(invoked while retrieving flavor details) and GetShortlink(invoked while retrieving the shortlink details) calls. This feature provides significant flavor load performance when the requested flavor is uncompressed or large number of changes exist. "

Usage :  <http/https>:<server>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp/index.html?enableFlavorslimState=true

I have a couple of quick questions :

1.  Instead of including as a parameter in every Personas URL/Shortlink, can this be centrally entered as a System Settings Property ? like this -

2.  Assuming it only works as a URL parameter,  will it apply to other T-Code flavors,  i.e. not just SMEN flavor, if a user enters Personas using a URL like the usage example shown above ? (the example above brings the user into SMEN flavor initially, and then the user may go to other Tcode flavors from there). 

Thanks much for any info. Appreciate it.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jay,
1. Currently there is no facility to enable flavor slim state in SPRO system settings.
URL parameter is the way to go.
Please note that the exact casing 'enableFlavorslimState' should be used.

2. Enabling flavor slim state is for the entire session.
Therefore, it applies to all TCODE flavors accessed during the session.
Transaction specific slim state enabling is not available.


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Hi Pradeep,  Thank you for the answer, appreciate it  ... Jay.

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