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Persisting Synch ICO Messages for 15 days in PI 7.1

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We are in the middle of a PI 7.1 development that uses Integrated Configuration - as opposed to dual stack integration.  We have a requirement for messages to be logged in the adapter engine for more than the standard 24 hours.

We have set the persistDuration.default property in the XPI Adapter: XI service in NWA to 1296000000 (15 days).  This has had successfully taken effect for all dual stack messages (synchronous and asynchronous) as well as asynchronous ICO messages.

However, it has not take effect for synchronous ICO messages.  These still show a persit date of 01.01.1970 01:00:00.000 in the RWB.  In reality they are held for a day.

Has anybody managed to persist synchronous ICO messages for more than the default (1 day) in PI 7.1?

Can you please explain how to do this?

Many thanks,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Georgia,

Can you refer the below note which might help you on this:

Note 1872758:How XI/PI messages are persisted in Adapter Engine


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Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for the note.

I read through this note and it is my understanding now that the there is no way to persist successful synchronous messages in the database for PI 7.1 in the java stack.

It is possible to extend the amount of time that these are held in memory, however this is not realistic for the extend that we require (15 days with 1000s of messages being processed each day) due to the memory implications.

There is a note that refers to the use of the messaging.auditLog.memoryCache (note 1982452) that can be used to enable synchronous message persistence.  However, this is only valid for versions 7.31 and 7.4.

So, is my understanding correct?  It is not possible to persist synchronous messages in the java stack in version 7.1?

Thansk again for your help.

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