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Perquisites for enhancing a datasource with a field

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Dear Extraction gurus:

This should be a basic question.

When we are enhancing a BI Content datasource with a field from another table, then that table must be somehow related to the primary table of the datasource. Isn't this correct?

For example, we can enhance 2LIS_11_VAHDR (VBAK is the primary table for this datasource) with a field from VBAP table becuase VBAP is related to VBAK through VBELN.

But we cannot enhance 2LIS_11_VAHDR with a field from JSTO table because there is no relation between VBAK and JSTO. In other words, the tables have no common unique field.

Please verify that this is correct.

I hope that made sense. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SAP provides related tables for logistic data sources like 2LIS_11_VAHDR(sales header) in communication structure to enhance the extract structure so, we can use those fields.Here, the tables are VBAK(Sales Document: Header Data) and VBUK(Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data).

As you said,to join two tables there should be a unique common key.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Your assumptions were correct and when ever you got req for enhancement as a developer you just need to enhane DS.

Must have unique filed relation between tables then only we can able to read data from other tables.


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Hi Saurav,

Yeas You are correct. to get the values for one field then you should have a join condition, so that we can where condition for that field.

This is applicable while creating view as well.