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Permanent error in BPE inbound processing

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Hi all,

I have the following problem concerning a BPM.

A message sent from an external R3 system (by proxy) to the integration process does not enter in it.

The queue is in SYSFAIL with the following error :"Permanent error in BPE inbound processing"

Beasides, on LUW data - "Result Message Delivery simulation" says: "Process definition WS99900018 contains no receive steps for message......"

On "Display trace" I could read the following:

"No active correlations for message ..... "

The BPM has 2 correlations, 4 receive steps and one send step (to R3 system via proxy). The first receive step (Start process) activates the first correlation which is used by two receiver steps in a fork.

One of the two branches of the fork step contains an other send step that activates the other correlation which is used from the unique receive step.

There are not failed workitems, and at runtime the correlations are created well

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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This kind of problem occurs when there is a corelation problem in your Integration Process.

First of all check that whether your BPM is activated properly using the transaction SXI_CACHE.

double click on integration process then check the status code for your BPM. If its 99 then double click and check for the error message.

Gaurav Jain