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Periodically import excel in HANA XS

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Dear Devs,

I have an application which gets his data from a HANA XS database.

An export of employees and country codes is generated each month and saved onto the local file system.

Now I would like to make HANAXS import the excel automatically each month. Is this possible.

If not, is it possible to use the excel file as database?

Looking forward for your responses.

Best regards,

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How is this question related to SAPUI5 (as you have chosen tag tag) and how do you import the excel file manually today in your database?

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I suggest you try scheduling an import with the Excel Adapter or File Adapter (CSV) for Smart Data Integration (SDI). Here are some related references:



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Thank you for your response. We have decided to take another approach but this one isn't really clear to me either.

Maybe you have some suggestions?

Thanks in advance