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performance when having many concurrent users

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Hi all,

I am wondering about whether it would be possible to use Web Dynpro for ABAP in web applications that have a lot of concurrent users (like a thousend or more). Could this cause a performance or memory problem, because of the stateful nature of WD for ABAP?

Thanks a lot for your help!



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jens,

The performance of any stateful application will be low compared to stateless. But there are other advantages in WDP for ABAP such as:

Web Dynpro offers the following advantages for application developers:

1.The use of declarative and graphical tools significantly reduces the implementation


2.Web Dynpro supports a structured design process

3.Strict separation between layout and business data

4.Reuse and better maintainability by using components

5.The layout and navigation is easily changed using the Web Dynpro tools

6.Stateful applications are supported – that is, if the page is changed and the required

data remains intact so that you can access it at any time throughout the entire

application context.

Note that stateless applications are not possible.

7.Automatic data transport using data binding

8.Automatic input check

9.Automatic operation of the Web Dynpro application using the keyboard

10.User interface accessibility is supported

11.Full integration in the reliable ABAP development environment

The concept of Web Dynpro ABAP is identical with Web Dynpro Java and offers

more or less the same functions.

You can also go through the following links for further reference:



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Answers (1)

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thanks for this input. However, I was wondering about whether someone has any live experience with WD for ABAP. We are thinking about using this in quite performant server environment for something like 10.000 concurrent users. The WD's we want to create will be rather slim with not very many UI elements.

Thanks & Regards,


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10,000 concurrent users? Please let me know how it goes. We have been trying to test for 2500 concurrent users and the results are not good at all. Our Java WebDynPro application craters when there are only 400 concurrent users. We are experiencing exceptions like 'Failed to start the deployable object', 'Already started operation with application', exceptions.

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If you encounter such problems, please open OSS messages.


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Are there any success stories of WDA-Applications with many concurrent users available ?

Did anyone find some Information about Sizing WDA-Applications ?

We intend to develop a WDA-Application for about 1000 concurrent users.

Any response will be helpful,

Thanks in advance