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Performance Problems Bex 7.0 and Office 2007 Workbooks

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we had a performance Problem with Bex 7.0 and Worksbooks in Office 2007.

The Workbooks are created with Office 2003 and runs with good performance but in Office 2007 the performance is inacceptable.

E.g. open Workbook with Office 2003 -- 30 seconds

open Workbook with Office 2007 -- 15 minutes

We do everything what we find in SAP Notes, Whitepapers oder SDN Messages.

For Example:

- We installed all Excel Patches witch descriped in: Microsoft Excel 2007 &

SAP Business Explorer Compatibility

- We set the optimize X: RS_FRONTEND_INIT setting u2018ANA_USE_OPTIMIZE_STG = Xu2019

- We open worksbooks in Office 2007 with the repair Flag.

- We used Flag open in XLS format

But same Workbooks are extrem slow.

We try to create a new Workbook with Office 2007 and it runs with good performance.

But there are 500 Workbooks we didn`t wont to create all new.

System Information:

BW: 7.0 Netweaver 7.01 BI_CONT 7.05

Client: SAP Gui 7.10 BI Explorer: 902

Thank your for your Help.

Edited by: Carsten Ziemann on Feb 2, 2011 4:36 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What is the GUi and the patch you are using in your system?

Try to update the GUI with latest patch....

Check the below notes which gives info about the performance of Bex analyzer and excell 2007

Further check these notes: (relavant only if Analyzer is culprit)

1160093: REPAIR MODE - Prog error/performance problems when using large workbooks

1289127: REPAIR MODE - BExAnalyzer: performance issue applying styles in Excel 2007

1293255: REPAIR MODE - BExAnalyzer: crash when repairing workbook with Excel 2007

1150242+1094799: ANA_USE_SIDGRID - Improving performance/memory in the BEx Analyzer

1179647: ANA_USE_TABLE - Performance: Network load in BEx Analyzer

1260213: ANA_USE_OPTIMIZE_STG - Performance problems during workbook opening in Excel 2007

1287179: ANA_SINGLEDPREFRESH - Single Data Provider Refresh

1286653: Performance issues while displaying hierarchy (especially in Excel 2007)

1352375: ANA_USE_SIDGRIDWBUF / ANA_USE_SIDGRIDMASS Performance improvements in a WAN (roundtrip reductions)

1373214: Workbook compression

1392745: ANA_CACHE_WORKBOOK - Workbook caching

Check the below notes which explains the limitations of the Excell 2007

1175947 Known Limitations of Analyzer with Excel 2007



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System Information:

BW: 7.0 Netweaver 7.01 BI_CONT 7.05

Client: SAP Gui 7.1 PATCH 17 BI Explorer: 902

Thank your for your Help.

Edited by: Carsten Ziemann on Feb 2, 2011 4:46 PM

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Hello Carsten,

Try to use Workbook compression:

- Open the specific workbook in BEx Analyzer

- Open Workbook Settings dailog

- Check "Use Optimized Storage"

- Click on OK Button

- Save the workbook

But also, your front end tools are on a very old version.

I would like to recommend you to install the latest patch of SAPGUI 7.20 and Business Explore 7.20.

Front End Version 7.10 will be supported until April 2011.

But, if you want to continue using 7.10, update to latest patch:

> Support Packages and Patches

> Browse our Download Catalog

> SAP Frontend Components



> Win32

_ > gui710_20-10002995.exe


| > BI 7.0 ADDON FOR SAP GUI 7.10

|_ > bi710sp14_1400-10004472.exe


Edward John

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Hi Edward,

i tested it with gui 720 patch 4. Its the same issue.

The Check Box "Use optimized Statistik" i couldn`t checked. Thats grey and i couldn`t checked it.

I looked at the Statistiks and See that:

1 Item Rendern 271,564734 0 47

Item Rendern will take the longest time of all aktions.

In the 5 Minutes the Workbooke needs to open the Excel Prozess takes 100 Prozent of the CPU usage.

Edited by: Carsten Ziemann on Feb 7, 2011 10:18 AM

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Hi Carsten,

did you find a solution for this issue?

best regrads


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