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Performance of BO 3.1 is slow compared to XIR2

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We are planning to upgrade our xir2 environment to 3.1.

I installed BO 3.1 on the same server where XIR2 is working. All the miration was successful but the problem is when I run the reports I see that the time taken to run the report in 3.1 is too long compared to xir2.

Can anyone suggest me some tips to improve the performance of BO 3.1

Thanks in Advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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3.1 is a much bigger application that has higher memory/CPU requirements than XIR2. It is expected that some processes will behave slower especially on the same hardware.



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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your quick response.

I understand that BO 3.1 is slower than XIR2 but in my case it is very slow. The time delay between the two versions is almost 11-15 seconds to open the same report.

Are there any performance tuning tips, that will make 3.1 a bit faster

Our database is oracle 10g.

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i would suggest you try it on a different hardware/virtual machine before taking any decisions.

Running both version on one peace of Hardware/VM is not recommended.



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