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Performance Issues

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I am using Crystal Reports 2011 to develop report files, then using Visual Studio 2012 and the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio files to develop a web page where users can run the reports (we have installed the latest "service packs"). Recently we have run into some major performance issues and I am not sure where to even start trying to figure out what happened. I hadn't done anything with any of the files for at least a good week before we started seeing the issues. The problems we are seeing...

1) Reports are taking a long time (5 minutes) to run when they were taking less than a minute before.

2) My server/IT guy is saying that only one query is able to run at a time. If there is a report that is trying to run and another report tries to start, the second report is put on hold until the first completes. I thought the runtime files allowed 50 reports (?) to run at the same time.

3) Sometimes my reports come back with "out of memory" errors when I know that I have pulled more information before.

I realize this probably isn't an issue with Crystal Reports/Visual Studio, but I am not sure where to turn for advice on where to look. Any help would be appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The runtime only allows 3 reports to run at the same time.  To get more you would have to get something like Crystal Report Server.  There's also a "PrintJobs" registry setting that you might want to increase.  There are a number of threads in this forum that explain how to do that.

Also, Crystal can be very I/O and memory intensive.  It tends to do a LOT of swapping to disk while it's processing reports and it's not very good about cleaning up after itself when there's an error.  So, your "Out of Memory" error may actually be a disk space error.  I would do a search for "~*.rpt" on the C drive of the server where this is running and delete anything that's older than today.  You might want to also schedule a .bat file to run every night to clear out these temp files.


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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Kelsey,

So you are using CR for VS SP 9?

Check your AV logs, could be with updates it's now limiting CR runtime by scanning every file being opened.

Any OS patches installed recently, Framework updates etc.?

Try running Fiddler to see where the delays may be also.

Single web server or do you have a farm?


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To add to Dell's advice;

Make sure there is a default printer driver installed on the server. You do not need a printer, but you do need a default printer driver (and not XPS... or PDF).

As this used to work, check with IT re. what may have been installed / changed? Antivirus? Printer driver? DB client?

Has the database changed? E.g.; if you run the report in the CR designer, how is the performance there? What is the database? How are you connecting to it (ODBC / OLE DB, etc?).

Enable the "Verify on 1st refresh" option in the designer and run the report. Save. Now disable "Verify on 1st refresh" and save again. Run this report in the app.

- Ludek

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