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Performance issue for the dashboard when opened for First time

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Hi ,

I'm facing some strange performance issues in the Dashboard.

Dashboard runs for a longer time i.e. more than 2 mins  when it is opened for the first time in a day.

when the same dashboard is opened for the second, third time and so on.. dashboard opens within 30 secs .

I have used Performance measure tips i.e.. load on Script to true, Background Processing , and Parallel Processing.

Not sure why the dashboard is taking long time to open for the first time  and less time to open for the next attempts.

Please find the attached bi statistics regarding the same

time taken to open the dashboard for first time : 118631 ms

time taken to open the dashboard for second time : 26591 ms

Please suggest .



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Babu,

I would suggest you spend some time on following up on all the blogs that have been posted already on how to read the statistics and what to look for.

see also here:

overall you are spending close to 30% of the overall time on data related items.

for example:

you will notice that 120000 out of 160000 is spend on "Process rendering" with large portions being spend on GET_MEMBERS and GET_RESULTSET and in the second run your remote time goes down dramatically - could be simple caching on the BW system.

I also noticed in the first run relative high numbers for "get connection" (>1000) - which might be related to network latency. those times are much better in the second run.

you also have a good part spend on dealing with variables and there are performance implications - take a look here:


Ingo Hilgefort, Visual BI

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Babu,

Please go through the below link:

The performance of the dashboard is debugged using Fiddler Tool and the total time of the dashboard is split into child tasks like Total Remote Time, Total Dashboard Time, Platform Overhead Time etc.

You need to install Fiddler first in your machine to try this out.

By doing this, It will give you a better clarity on where exactly most of the time is getting consumed.

We had the same issue, followed this approach and figured out where it was taking a long time.



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Check your caching settings

See Martin's blog

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Hi Tammy,

Can u please explain more on Caching. I dont have Administration rights in BO.

Let me know if i need to ask anything to our BO Adminstrator.

If you are talking about Sap Design Studio "Page Caching" then i have already kept it to "None" for better performance.

Thanks ,