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Percentage Share (%A) giving the reverse sign values in BEx report

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Hi All,

I have below problem in the BEx Analyser.

I wrote formula like : Net Price Variance % = NDVIO ( 'Net Price Variance $' %A 'Previous Period' )

here I use Percentage Share (%A) to display the % symbol in report.

while displaying the data in report the data is showing Negative values as positive values and positive values as negative values like below

          negative value / positive value = negative % is wrong

          positive value/ positive value = positive % is wrong

If I remove this Percentage Share (%A) from the report, report will not display the % Symbol, User wants this.

can any one have idea on this problem?

Thanks in Advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Madhu

As Sapna said %A - Percentage share is calculated using the formula.

100 * <Operand1> / abs(<Operand2>).

So in  the cases you have mentioned above

negative value / positive value will give negative %

positive value/ positive value will give positive %, as per the above formula.

Hope this should clear your doubt.



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Thanks for your reply Sapna & Ninad

I know this, but same kind of formula working correctly in other report.

But in this report, I have some Cell Definitions, I am expecting this would be the reason.

Still not clear, that is the reason I asked this question.

Any one have any idea on this.



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Can you please refer the following link:

%A - Percentage share is calculated using the below formula.
100 * <Operand1> / abs(<Operand2>).

Please check whether this helps you.

Thanks & Regards,