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PDK - Bug in tomcat.bat start batch file

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Hello fellow Portal Developers,

I had some problems in getting the PDK to work and I want to share my solution with you.

In the current PDK which you may download from there are

tomcat.bat and restart.bat files from SAP to start Tomcat 3.x.

Beware! They write over the original batch files and are different to my Tomcat 3.3.2-dev

to the extent, that they won't start tomcat but break with an error message.

So copy the original tomcat.bat and restart.bat to and

After unzipping the tomcat_pdk_5_0_5_0 archive into your Tomcat directory

you are able to compare tomcat.bat and

(Hint: If you import them into your Eclipse project, select both and choose

Compare to / Each other, you are in one of the best Diff Tools I've seen).

The one line which broke my Tomcat installation was

set CLASSPATH=%TOMCAT_INSTALL%\lib\tomcat.jar;

instead of

set CLASSPATH=%TOMCAT_INSTALL\lib\tomcat.jar;TOMCAT_INSTALL\lib\common\commons-logging-api.jar

(one long line)

So naturally Tomcat couldn't find the Apache comons logging library.

Other difference are the debug start option which is only existant in the SAP tomcat.bat,

the PATH which points to the native DLLs needed be JCo (and license manager?) as

well as the Proxy-settings for access by the Tomcat server.

I'm curious about how well the SDN will be accepted by developers.

But I won't be guilty of not participating

Frerk Meyer

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Answers (1)

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Hi Frank,

Note also for higher versions of the JDK (1.3.1_7 +) the

:debugServer target in tomcat.bat is faulty. Simply remove the

'-classic' switch to be able to debug portal applications

with higher JDKs (1.3.1_9 for me...).