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PDF size output difference BOXI3 vs BI4

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In SBOP EDGE BO XI 3.1 SP5 WebIntelligence Reports are exported as PDF and send to recipients by mail.

After upgrade to version SBOP EDGE BI 4.1 SP5 on new hardware the same documents are exported as PDF and send to the same recipients by mail.

Comparing the PDF size gives a significantly larger size for PDF documents exported with BI 4.1SP5

One specific document has even a doubled size in BI4.1SP5 (30MB instead of 15MB in BOXI3) and is now not able to be send out by mail. Our exchange servers will not allow this.

This specific document has 1000 pages with 3 or more graphs/charts on every page.

We suspect it has to do with the charts converted to JPG images in the PDF. "output.dpi" setting in caching_media_profiles.xml in both win32_x86 and win64_x64 folders are set to 96 as is in the BOXI3 environment.

Please advice how to decrease PDF size in BI4.1 to the same size as in SBOP EDGE BO XI 3.1

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Hello J. Van de Mheen,

Regarding the increase of the exported file you can find the reasons under the following sap note:

If you can reduce the amount of the font types on the report you can save memory, since the PDF is embedding the fonts.

Also bookmarks, big logos and charts consuming a lot of spaces, if you are able to redefine the colors and resizeing logos, it may help you reduce the size.

The output.dpi property can be used for defining the resolution of the exported charts in 4.1 as well.

You can change it free, however I don't know if adding a smaller value than "97", can result a readable report at all.

Did you change the "caching_media_profiles.xml" file on the client machine as well?



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Hi Mark Fodor,

Thanks for your reply.

Looking at the following quote in the note you supplied;

"The functionality provided by the ReportEngine classes has been integrated into the BIPlatform class, whcihc should be used as a replacement.

It could be possible that that is the issue, but I think this is mainly an issue for applications created by third parties through the SDK. I expect this is solved by the BI41 software itself.

What can I do about it to change this behavior? Recreating the report from scratch? Hope not... Would mean I have to recreate hundreds of reports...

There are no other images in the PDF apart from the charts. I would like to change the color depth, if possible, but I did not find any setting for this?

I also set output.dpi to an even lower setting than 96DPI, but this does not give any effect. Report still is 30MB and image resolution looks the same as with 96DPI. Seems to me that the lowest value is 96 for this setting, even if you change it yourself to a lower setting.

Kind regards,