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PDF Issue

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Hi All,

Please help me, it is very urgent!

I have created one component with tow views

Component Name: viewInvoiceComp

Views Names :searchView, ResultView

In the search view I have defined one UI element for bill id and i have created one action buttton as "Show Invoice".

After Clicking on the button "Show Invoice", we can get the invoice details in the table format for that perticular bill in the Result View.

invoice details wil be displayed in the rows ..That is.for one bill id will display invoice details in one row...

Here my requirement is in the Result View, along with invoice details in the row, i need to add one more column as a link "Download in PDF". to view the invoice details in the pdf form.

Note: I have gone through the sdn material example, in that material, wdDoInit() method they have set the table fields to the pdf according my requirement it will not be worked out.



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Hey Chandra,

I happen to do the same just a week back. It is easy after you have done it.

1. Create a new view.

2. Add a interactive form

3. Create an attribute called pdfSource in the node as binary.

4. I set the display type as native and mode as generatePdf.

5. Set the datasource as the node which contains your results.

6. Then edit the form.

7. Drag all the required attaributes.

8. You have to play with the different settings there according to your needs.

Follow the instructions in []



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Thank you Very Much Muthaiah,,,