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PB opening Internet Explorer Windows in Citrix

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We have a PowerBuilder application that we are migrating to Citrix.  One of our business requirements is that when Internet Explorer is launched from the application, it does not open in a new window if an IE window is already open.

We are finding that the PowerBuilder application always opens a new Internet Explorer window in Citrix.  This behavior overrides the settings in Internet Explorer.

Has anyone had any issues with Internet Explorer calls from PowerBuilder?



(We are currently on PB12.0, soon to migrate to 12.6.)

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I'm not doing it on Citrix but this is how I launch an URL in the users default browser:

Function long ShellExecute ( long hwindow, string lpOperation, string lpFile, &

             string lpParameters, string lpDirectory, long nShowCmd &

             ) Library "shell32.dll" Alias for "ShellExecuteW"

String ls_null


ShellExecute(Handle(w_main), ls_null, as_url, ls_null, "\", 1)