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Pb Bex with result of formula between restricted key figures

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I have a big problem in the BEX and the best is to give you an example of a scenario:

Quant1 Quant2 Difference(absolute value)

Mat1 / Q1 = 100 / Q2 = 80 / |Q1 – Q2| = 20

Mat2 / Q3 = 90 / Q4 = 100 / |Q3 – Q4| = 10

Tot. R1 = 190 R2 = 180 R ??

For the ratio R, I want to have the sum of the differences, ie R = 20 + 10 = 30 (instead of 190 – 180 = 10).

If the materials are displayed, I can do that using the propertie of totalisation of result for the formula.

The problem is when I remove the material in order to only have the result, I’d like to have the same result, ie the sum of each difference of the materials that compose the result (even if the materials are not displayed anymore). The reality is that it calculates the formula again with the quantities of the total line, ie |R1 – R2| = 10.

I think the Bex can’t do that as from the moment when I use restricted key figures (which is the case in my scenario).

Do anyone have an idea on how to have my report as I want ?

Thanks for all the answers.


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Answers (1)

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Bex wouldn't be able to give what you are looking for. I would think you can use a virtual KF instead of the calculated formula to realise this.