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Pattern search using Bex parameter in Crystal

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How to get the results using a Bex query filter for Pattern search with Crystal.

While pattern search works fine with the variable defined in Bex analyzer but when I attach it to a Crystal report, it doesnt seem to work.

Bex variable has input like "IBM*", which works fine with Bex analyzer but the same input via Crystal doesnt fetch data.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Venkat,

that kind of functionality doesn't exist right now with the directly created parameters on top of SAP queries. you have the functionality in Crystal Repotrs when you use the Select Expert there is the option to have something like "Starts with" or Like


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Hi Ingo,

I am aware of the Select Expert, but that will make the parameter to be created in Crystal, so its going to be filtering from the recordset returned by Bex.

This tight dependency on Bex is making it difficult.



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