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Hi all,

I would like to know the <b>Procedure for Patching of Netweaver 04 or 04s...</b>?

What is meant by Upgrade?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Patching means Moving from one support package level to another.

During Patching,Java support packages are imported.These Support packages will enclose SCA's (Software Component archives) which are deployed for high end functionalities.

04 patching :

You can obtain SP 20 patches in

You have to downlaod them and Uncar it on the machine where you want to patch.

Then you ahve to run the sapinst file and give in the appropriate DVD'd when asked from the Uncarred CD's.

04s patching:

You can download SPS13 level SCA's from Service market place.

You will ahve list of SCA's depending on the Usage types u r working on.

You have to deploy these SCA's using the toll JSPM(Java support Packet manager).

These things ahve to be done after the base level installation si done from

NWSR1 release.

Upgrade :

Upgrade is upgrading from 04 to 04s.

It has nothing to do with SP's

reward points if helpful............

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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can u gimme any document regarding the patching.

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For NW04 / NW04s products liek EP, XI, BW.. you can apply directly via SP stack ( You get ABAP, JAVA and kernel patches altogether. This is valid for systems with ABAP+J2EE add-in and J2EE systems..

For ABAP systems, you can directly download from respective application components available via

However from April 2007 onwards, SAP NetWeaver 2004s and SAP Business Suite 2005 (ECC 6.0, CRM 5.0, etc) and beyond are available ONLY via SAP Solution Manager's Maintenance Optimizer



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Hi Satish,

You mean to say Kernel patching?

can you be little more clear so that we can help you.



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I wanted to know about

<b>Kernel Patching,

Java Patching

ABAP Patching.</b>

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Dear Satish ,

I will try to explain you the difference let`s it will hope you to understand .

Kernel Patching -> Kernel is released by SAP in every quarter it contain all executable of Application Server / Database server .

For e.g. .

We upgrade Operating system kernel ( Support Pack in Windows ) in same manner SAP also recommends the update the kernel on server level.

Java Patching - > Correction and update on JAVA based products for Eg . To update EP / XI correction we have to update the JAVA Patch using SDM or JSPM tool provided by SAP to update JAVA stack .

ABAP Patching -> In same manner SAP also recommends to update the ABAP Stack to get new feature / standard correction in Programs / Objects etc .

We update the ABAP Stack using Tcode SPAM .

Regards ,

Santosh Karadkar