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Patch Operation not working - SAP Build process automation

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Hi Experts,

Need a help. We are trying to update a on-premise Product data using patch operation of standard API.

We are using SAP Build-Process automation. We have created action in SAP Build.

We are calling that action through SAP Build-Process automation as below:

When through the workflow, the action is triggering, it gives an error as below:

I have checked and it is passing through the cloud connector. Can you please suggest if we are doing anything wrong.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Tirthankar

I can't tell what is wrong from the screenshots above. My suggestion: 1 - try the action in Test mode and see if that would work with the same product as input as in your process. You can see in the answer of the Test more details, worst case in F12 developer trace. 2 - if you see the call in SAP CC and all ok, did you check it in back-end in the odata service monitor? Activate a trace and see what is going on.

This is what I would do to find out more about the error

Kind Regards


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