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PATCH call in SAP FSM from extension is not working.

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Hello! I am trying to make an extension for SAP FSM Master Data -> Business Partner.

It's related to reading UDF fields, concatenating some of them and updating different UDF field. All works ok until I have to update with PATCH method. From browser -> inspect I can see that it gives me this error:
error.txt in attachments.

I am using SAP BTP BAS and Fiori template for my app. Nothing much is changed besides Component.js and Controller/View files. In attachments I added script file as controller.js.  

Feel free to ask some additional info. So far I can't really understand why and where this 'country' is being updated and why. Nothing in forums etc.

Thank you.

SAP Field Service Management SAP Business Application Studio

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the error message says it already. Your client has a user group which allows to access fields with classifications internal or public. You would like to update field "country" which has a different classification. That is why the update is not possible.