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Password reset on connected SAP systems

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I have a question about password reset. We have IDM 7.0 SP6 configured to connect to SAP systems (ABAP, Dual Stack and Pure Java). Can we reset users password in IDM, then automatically distribute the new password to all connected SAP systems? Here is what we did:

1. Add attribute MX_PASSWORD in the Web Enabled Tasks "Change Identity". Once we update the identity, the other attributes are updated in SAP systems, except the password. I wonder if we can implement it like this.

2. Use "Password Recovery", it also only update IDM password, and did not update connected SAP systems.

Anybody know how to do it?


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1. Copy ChangePasswordOfABAPUser to each system specific tasks

2. Create a global Event Task, ChangePasswordForSAP, with a javascript based on sap_modifyUser, to loop through all repository and call the "ChangePasswordOfABAPUser"

3. Add this global event to password attribute (Modify)

It works for all ABAP systems now.