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Password Protect Scheduled Reports

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I am brand new to BO and need to know how to password protect scheduled reports. They are being extracted to .pdf format and they are currently being password protected manually, one by one.

Can you get me pointed in the right direction?


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Business Objects 6.5.1

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We are scheduling reports thru File Menu Option - Send To Broadcast Agent. One report template is being run against multiple users in our universe, which are being saved to a network drive as pdf's. On a daily/weekly/monthly (reports delivered at each of these intervals) we open the pdf and password protect it. We are then delivering the reports to customers. Hope this clears up my work flow, I could very well be missing vital information, but that is what I currently understand.


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Hello Lisa,

please post the product name and version you are using.

BO 5.x/6.x ? BOE CR X? R?

For BOE Admin questions it would be better to use our [BOE Admin forum|;

For BO 5.x /6.x Admin our [legacy forum|;.



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There's no out-of-the-box, but what you can do - if you have a Java or .NET coder - is use Adobe's or OpenSource libraries to post-process the PDFs to add encryption/password protection.

A sample open source code using iText is found here:



Ted Ueda

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Hi Lisa,

Please elaborate on what the current workflow is. Are the reports being scheduled to PDF format in BOE?

What is the reason for password protecting the PDF files? Are only specific user/groups suppose to view these reports? If yes, I would recommend setting up rights for user and groups, to either grant or deny rights to the folder/objects in BOE. That way you can control who has rights to access those files.

By default, there is not a way to schedule the report to be password protected. This will have to be done outside of the product.