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Password permissions

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Hi Friends,

I am creating one user that is the main admin user i am sharing the same EPuser to different windowsNT users .So here i have one problem i given one default password for all NT users but how they can set their won password in their systems."it means how can i set one user id multiple password option". can any body help me.

regards ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi SR,

As mentioned above, setup SSO via SPNego ()

Once SSO is setup, your user Windows will map to the Portal, thus users do not have to login.

Then proceed to import your Portal certificates (DER and PSE) into your backend systems.

Thus, from above setup, you gain SSO from Windows to Portal to backend ssyems.

If users have a different userID.

Then in your Portal, setup a reference system ( Make sure that you have your backend systems in your SLD. Once you have your reference system define, do user map (

Thus from above, your user just need his/her Windows ID and password to access all the way to your backend applications.

Take note that password policy on backend will have effect on password reset (check

Hope that helps.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi sai,

Its only possible with SSO as said by previous replies.



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Hi Sai Ram,

Your requirement is to have many passwords for one User, which is not recommended any where. And it is not feasible also to have such arrangement, as it can lead to many security issues and loop holes like, hacking, cracking, illegal access etc.

But still there are some ways via which you can achieve such condition like:

user grouping,

SSO for portal (login once to access all resources),

Hope this helps you to certain extent.