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Passive & Active MDM Servers

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can anyone tell me what the fundamental difference between an Active MDM server, and a Passive MDM server is (and it's not the MAster-Slave relationship: I think they are both master servers);how you'd set them up and any ideas on keeping them consistent with each other.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Tim,

Active / Passive environment is based on Operating System Functionality.

You can set any service (in this case MDM Server) to Active on HostA and set Passive on HostB.

If HostA goes down or service Goes Down, the MDM Server on HostB is started. (HostA can be made completely unavailable).

Now You may loose some data which was not committed to SQLServer (the data that was holding in MDM Server) .

SQL Server failover is different discussion.

Hope this Helps.



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