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Passing variable in Java to ABAP

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We are working on a BSP application and ran in to an issue. Does anyone know how to pass a value of a variable in Java(HTML) to ABAP?

HTMLB does not support drop down boxes within a Tree Node, therefore we were forced to use standard HTML with the HTMLB Tree Node function as below:

<% wf_string1 = ' TR - CM Trans Cash Mgmt&nbsp <select id= "select1" name="select1">'.

loop at tab into wa_value.

clear wf_option.

concatenate: '<option value="' wa_value '">' wa_value '</option>' into wf_option.

concatenate wf_string2 wf_option into wf_string2.


concatenate wf_string1 wf_string2 '</select>' into wf_text. %>

<htmlb:treeNode id = "Test"

text = "<%= wf_text %>"/>




We are then trying to get the value from the html <select> <option> in to ABAP and this is where we are having a problem figuring it out.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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You sure mean JavaScript, not Java.

See your other thread for answer:

By the way, please do not post the same questions in multiple forums.

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Sorry about that! Thanks for the help!