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Passing values from main report to sub-reports

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- How do we pass values from main report to sub-report?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You first need to add a parameter to your sub report.

1. Open the sub report.

2. Right click 'Paramer Fields' in the field explorer, select New.

3. Enter the name.

4. Select the data type (string, number etc)

5. Click ok

Then you need to link the value in the main report to the sub report.

1. Open the main report.

2. Right click the sub report and select 'Change sub-report links'.

3. Find the field in the 'available fields', and drag it over to the 'fields to link'.

4. Select the parameter defined early in the 'Subreport parameter field to use'.

5. Click ok

And that's it.

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Look at this link which shows how to pass values from a subreport to a main report.

You can use the same method to pass values from main report to a subreport.

1) Create a formula @mainFormula in the main report, as given in item 1 of link.

2) Place this formulla in a suppressed report footer section above the target subreport.

3) In the subreport, create a formula @subFormula that declares the same variable name, as given in item 3 of link.

4) Place @subFormula column in the subreport where you want to display it.

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