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Passing userid & pwd to Gmail Url iview

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Hi Experts,

I have created a url iview .I had provided gmail url.

I want to pass the parameters of username(eg:kghtqw) & password(eg:tyh678) for the url iview .

When the url iview is viewed the username(kghtqw) & password(tyh678) should be displayed on the screen of the url iview.

Can anyone explain how to do the above ?


Krishna Balaji T

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Answers (3)

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Hi Christian,

I should login in to the gmail site automatically without asking for username & password by using a URL(Gmail) iview (i.e) When i preview the Url iview , it should display the "inbox" page of the gmail(The login page of the gmail should not be displayed)

How can we pass the "username" & "password" to achieve the above scenario ?


Krishna Balaji

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Hello Krishna,

In your URL iView, set as URL:

Then you set the URL Parameters.

URL Parameter: service


URL Parameter: Email


URL Parameter: Passwd


If you set this, you can check, if this works for you. next step would be to get ID ans PWD dynamicly.

How to set this Parameters, you can read here:

From where do you want to retrieve username and password? maybe you can set a dynamic parameter that portal puts the current portaluser into the parameter "Email". But from where would you get the password?

best Regards,


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Hi guys,

well i would like to offer googlemail to my colleagues. Therefore i followed your hints and also the sap docu.

I switched to server fetch mode, activated to POST-option configured a HTTP-System like given in the docu.

But we only come to the login page, wherein the user-field is filled with correct values from the user-mapping but the passwd is not filled, even though it is maintained in the user-mapping.

when i give the passwd as string to the URL the same thing happens, the field is empty!

But source-code says that the parameter is called "Passwd"!?

Can somebody help?!


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You can use Application integrator for this,

Please have a look into this example link,


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Do you want to display Username and Password in the iView or do you want do display the Gmail Website? Or do you want directly to login? So have you tried this?

Look into the sourcecode from Gmail login site. Maybe you will have to pass also all of the hidden parameters in the form "gaia_loginform".

best regards,