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Passing Query string parameters in the Role URL

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Hi All,

Iam facing problem to pass Query String Parameters in Portal Role URL.

Here are the steps i followed,

1.I have Created Sample Application with one label and input field.When i pass Query string Parameter through URL,Iam Getting the value in the input


My Application URL is:


2.I created an WebDynpro Iview with application Parameter has hugo=hello,its working properly fo my appliction in EP.

3.I created Role and Added iview to that Role.Here is my Role URL


4.when i give this URL in Browser,i will get a login page and then it will navigate to that Role.<i>But giving <b>Access Denied text at the Bottom of the Browser</b>.</i>

Now where do i pass the parameters as i dont want application parameters,i want dynamic parameter to be embedded,so that i can get that parameter in my input field of the application.

I hava gone through most of the related SDN Forums and but couldnt make it out by adding parameters at the End Of the Role URL.

<b>Is that Access Denied is causing me that problem or is that i have to do any extra coding in my application or etc....</b>

Plz help me out regarding this and will reward points.

Thanks and Regards

Santosh Saraf

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Hi Santosh,

I normally encounter the 'Access denied' error in portal if I specify the WAS Host in system properties say with machine name and then call the application using localhost or IP Address. Can you check if this is not the same in your case.



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Thanks for ur Reply.But where do i find the system properties File?

Thanks and Regards

Santosh saraf