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passing parameters to RS_VC_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA_FLAT

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I'm trying to figure out how to pass parameters to RS_VC_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA_FLAT.

I have to excecute A BW query and proccess data using only this function.

my parameter name is Z,

so i tried passing the following lines in table I_T_PARAMETER:

VAR_NAME_1                               Z

VAR_SIGN_1                                 I

VAR_OPERATOR_1                      EQ

VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_1            50003420

This seems to have no effect whatsover and the parameter is not filled (im getting an error that i must provide values for paramater Z).

is there anything wrong im doing?

thanks alot!

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try to change VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_1 to VAR_VALUE_EXT_1. It depends on your definition. Try look here for more information Default Variables for Web Applications (SAP Library - BI Suite: Business Explorer).